Sandman Centre

The 2024 BC Fire Expo will be held at the Sandman Centre, 300 Mark Recchi Way, Kamloops, British Columbia, V2C 1W3, on June 2 and 3, 2024 in Kamloops.

 Latest News!

Planning for the 2024 BC Fire Expo is underway and we are excited to return to Kamloops!
The Sandman Centre will provide for up to 148 inside booths between the arena floor and the upper concourse, and 30 outside spaces. Site plans will be posted soon.
Registration for 2024 will open Feb 19, 2024 (Early registration for 2023 sponsors will open Feb 5)
Sponsorship opportunities will be posted early in 2024.

What does it look like?

This video is from 2019:

About us

Trades and Exhibitors

The BC Fire Expo is the largest exhibition of fire service equipment and services in the Pacific Northwest.
With an average of 125 inside booths and 30 outside displays, the BC Fire Expo attracts over 400 Chief Officers and other fire service personnel from across B.C.
The event goes for 2 days starting Sunday at noon with the trade floor closing at 7 pm but the networking continues, to build those important relationships. It continues on Monday from 9 am to 3pm. There are a minimum of meetings scheduled during this period to maximize your "face time" with the attendees.
This is a unique opportunity to interact with departments of all sizes and compositions and some departments that are otherwise impossible to visit.
The BC Fire Expo is reasonably priced with one representative included in the price as well as coffee and meals. All 8' x 10' inside booths also include a table and 2 chairs and a fully carpeted floor as well as wireless internet inside - all included in this low price! If you are bringing more than one representative the extra registration also includes all meals and coffee breaks.

Future Locations

The Conference Committee has tentatively planned the following future dates and locations:

June 8-12, 2025   Penticton — Penticton Trade and Convention Centre / Lakeside Hotel
June 7-11, 2026   Victoria — Save on Foods Memorial Centre / Delta Ocean Pointe Resort
June 6-10, 2027   Penticton — Penticton Trade and Convention Centre / Lakeside Hotel
June 3-8, 2028   Location TBA

Chief Officers and Delegates

The BC Fire Expo provides access to trade vendors specifically focused on our fire and emergency industry as well as the opportunity to network with vendors and other chiefs.
All delegates who have attended the annual FCABC educational conferences have stated there is great value in attending, as they return with a better understanding of how to effectively manage and lead their fire departments.

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Conference Contractor Ric Raynor
157 Brears Road South
Quesnel, B.C.
V2J 4G3
Phone 250-747-4334