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from your Trades Directors

August 14, 2020
It has been some time since we have provided an update and we wanted to get some information out to you about what has been happening with the FCABC Trades group. Marcel and I continue to work with the Board and the Conference Committee on behalf of the Trades.

As you know, the BC Fire Expo (and FCABC Education Summit) was cancelled for 2020 as a result of COVID-19. There has been consideration of what could be managed in the fall and it has been decided that there will be no conference this year. A virtual AGM will be held on October 19–20, 2020, with only the Board of Directors meeting in person in Penticton. We will be scheduling a Trades AGM during this time and will distribute an agenda prior to that time. There are no Trades elections this year but we will have some other updates and will be looking for input from you on several items.
The FCABC continues to support the trade members and we have been working on revisions to the trades space on the website to bring more value to the Trades and FCABC membership. We are working to provide a new “MarketPlace” feature with the opportunity for Trade Members to include more information about their business (logo & description information), including some categorization to allow for expanded searching options. The intent is to provide ways for the FCABC membership to search for trades by products and services offered. For example, SCBA or PPE rather than having to “know” which vendors provide what products and services.  We will have more information on these changes soon.

New for this year will be an electronic Trades "catalogue" for distribution in September. This will be a no-cost ½ page ad opportunity for every Trade member. Christine will send out the specific details and criteria next week. Please note the timelines will be short as we want to get this information out prior to the AGM, so watch for the email!
Finally, planning is underway for the 2021 BC Fire Expo in Penticton June 6 & 7, 2021 (set up June 5). Accommodations have been listed on the website.  We are working on registration processes for next year and will provide updates as more information becomes available. We will also be scheduling a pre-registration conference call this year as we have done in the past to review the plans and answer questions arising.
Please feel free to reach out to Marcel or myself if you have any questions or items for the agenda for the Trades AGM.  We look forward to seeing you there (virtually)!
Melanie Smith, Trades Director and Marcel Syens, Deputy Trades Director

June Trades Message:

Good day FCABC Trades Members,

As most of you are aware, the FCABC President has announced the cancellation of the FCABC Conference and BC Fire Expo that was to be held in June 2020 in Vernon, BC.  In these unprecedented times the FCABC Board, Conference Committee and your Trades Directors are working to ensure this change is managed as smoothly as possible.  As indicated in the announcement (below) there is a refund opportunity for those who choose to do so.  Regardless of your choice of refund or transfer to next year’s conference, we want to assure you that we are working hard to support you and thank you for all your patience and your continued support.

To all of our sponsors, we want to recognize and appreciate the support that you give the FCABC association.  We want you to know that, regardless of your decision to transfer your registration to 2021 or request a refund, that we will honour our commitment and continue to post your company logo on our BC Fire Expo website for the remainder of 2020.  For those that choose to transfer your registration to 2021, your sponsorship will be applied to next year and you will retain your status for priority booth allocation.  For those that choose a refund, we will give you early registration for 2021 in December as we have in the past. 

Your Trades Directors will continue to work with the FCABC Executive and Conference Committee to explore other options for trade opportunities as the COVID-19 situation continues.  At this time, several ideas are being explored including a smaller trade show in conjunction with a fall FCABC AGM.  I will also note, that the Trades members also need to hold an AGM (usually held at the BC Fire Expo) and we are working on options for that in conjunction with the FCABC fall AGM.   We have set a deadline of July 31st, 2020 to confirm plans and provide an update.

We will keep you appraised of all opportunities.  If you have any thoughts or ideas we welcome your input. 

All the best and please stay safe.

Melanie Smith (Trades Director) and
Marcel Syens (Deputy Trades Director)



2020 BC Fire Expo, FCABC Education Summit and Annual General Meeting update 

The FCABC Executive, in consultation with the Conference Committee and Trades Directors, have made the decision to not hold the 2020 BC Fire Expo and FCABC Education Summit this year as planned. Those that have registered can opt for a full refund or transfer their registration to next year's BC Fire Expo and Education Summit being held in Penticton on June 6-10, 2021. 

If you booked a room, you will have to cancel that room.

We are exploring an event in the fall to accommodate our Annual General Meeting and may include a reformatted trades opportunity. The Executive understands the impact of this decision specific to our trades and as always encourages our members to support our trades.

Again I appreciate the work and consideration that has gone into this most difficult decision and look forward to getting together again soon. 

To transfer your registration, request a refund or for more information please send an email to conference@fcabc.ca

Our gratitude goes to the hard work and dedication of the Conference Committee and Trades Directors.
Thank you for your service and dedication to your communities. Stay healthy and safe.
Fire Chief Dan Derby, ECFO