Exhibitor Information


• April 12 - Registration Desk will open at 4:30pm at the Trade and Convention Centre, but the exhibit floor will not be open until 5pm.

• April 1 - Booth assignments are now in progress based on our policy criteria. You can view the assignments already made and the booths that are still available by clicking here and check the companies and representatives that are registered, that info is posted here.

What's New?

• Our biggest change for 2019 is how we did registration. When you registered this year you were NOT asked to choose a booth. This process reduced the number of times we have to ask you to choose a booth.
• Most have been to Penticton before and we are returning many of the benefits Penticton has to offer. The larger exhibit area will allow us to include 2 full lounge areas and one mini-lounge area in the exhibit hall as well as the South Lobby Lounge area.
• Sunday evening will have the full dinner return with longer bar hours on Sunday (starting at noon) as well as having BEvERages served in the outside display area.
• Show in Motion is our pipe and drape contractor for the next 3 years.

Shipping materials?

If you are shipping materials to Penticton, we have negotiated special rates with Davidson & Sons (D&S) Customs Brokers Ltd. Please see their “Shipping and Customs Clearance Instructions Manual”. Please note that the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre will not accept any advance shipments or store your materials for you.

Canada Border Services:
If you have representatives importing goods for the show from the USA, please read the CBSA letter

• Due to concerns we received, we have appointed Davidson & Sons (D&S) Customs Brokers Ltd. – Event Logistics Division as our official Transport Carrier, and Customs/Immigration Broker for 2019. D&S will offer full freight and customs brokerage support to all parties (exhibitors, vendors, sponsors, etc.) shipping to and from the tradeshow in Penticton, ensuring on time and on budget deliveries. D&S will tend an on-site service desk throughout the duration of the event, from move-in until move-out. You can still use Show in Motion, your own logistics or handle this yourself - the choice is yours. We have not given any exclusivity to any shipper.
To view the D&S Order Form and receive a quote for their rates, click here

What’s included?

Each inside booth includes one representative, a 8’ deep x10’ wide carpeted space (entire trade floor is carpeted), pipe and drape, one table and 2 chairs, 750W power outlet and wireless internet (Username and password provided at registration).
If you require other show materials (high tables, high chairs, specialty furniture, etc.) you can order it separately (at your expense) through Show in Motion (See order form). Discount deadline is May 10, 2019.
If you need more power than the 750W provided, please let us know and we can arrange for that for you (at additional cost).
Each outside space is approximately 20' x 40' and includes one representative and possibly WiFi (depending on location). There are limited electrical outlets outside, but QUIET generators are permitted.

Insurance requirement

The venue requires all exhibitors to provide a Certificate of Insurance. Please see this attachment for details

Outside Demonstrations

Reminder that any demonstrations must have the approval of the Trades Director at least 30 days in advance.

When and how are booth assignments made?

Booth and Outside Space assignments are made after registration closes March 31 based on the following criteria:
All dues and fees must be paid in full before your booth/space is assigned
1. FCABC Associate A Membership – Must be a current Trade Member in good standing.
2. Sponsorship Level (Larger Sponsors get first pick regardless of the number of booths)
3. Sponsorship with number of booths/spaces (same level of sponsorship - multiple booths are assigned before single booths)
4. Number of booths/spaces purchased (after sponsors are assigned), multiple booths are assigned before single booths)
5. First Registered – All things equal, booths/spaces are assigned based on time and date of registration. (date determined when payment is received.)
6. Charity booths are assigned after all other booths are assigned.

Penticton Trade and Conventions Centre rules:

Crates and Booth Storage
All cartons, crates, containers, and packing materials that are necessary for re-packing shall be removed from the show floor. The Penticton Trade and Convention Centre does not have the capacity to store cartons, crates, containers or any other materials on site. Arrangements must be made by exhibitors in advance with the show decorator for storage of empty cases. The Penticton Trade and Convention Centre inspects all exhibits to ensure compliance. Highly combustible materials may not be stored in the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre. Items such as brochures, literature, giveaways, etc., within the booths are limited to a one-day supply.

Penticton Trade and Convention Centre management must approve the method and location of special installations in advance. Final approval will be determined after consideration of other building tenants occupying the space at the same time.
Decoration guidelines include the following:
•No one may tape, nail, tack or otherwise fasten to ceilings, painted surfaces, columns, walls or windows decorations of any kind.
•Decorations may not block doors, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, emergency equipment signage, emergency exits or lighting systems.

Exhibitor Insurance
If your event has an exhibitor or trade show component, each of your vendors/exhibitors must provide you (the show manager/organizer) with a certificate of liability insurance.
The policy must also list the licensee (your event) as additionally insured, the City of Penticton (171 Main St. Penticton BC V2A 5A9) and Global Spectrum Management LP (273 Power St. Penticton BC V2A 7K9).

Shipping and Receiving
The Penticton Trade and Convention Centre will not accept any deliveries or freight or ship on behalf of exhibitors.

The Penticton Trade and Convention Centre is a non-smoking facility. Provincial law prohibits smoking within 25 feet of any entrance to the building. Based on City of Penticton bylaws, cannabis smoking and vaping on the SOEC Complex is prohibited.