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Sunrise Speakers

Sunrise Speaker 1

Jan Enns, Mike Moore and Ernie Polsom

in Merlot Room - Strategies for a Successful Referendum Campaign: From Community Committees to Online Conversations
Tuesday 7:15 am

Sunrise Speaker 2

Amanda Reynolds

in Salon D - FireSmart BC
Tuesday 7:15 am

Sunrise Speaker 3

Jennifer Grigg

in Zinfandel Room - You Can't Read Minds but You Can Read Body Language
Tuesday 7:15 am

Sunrise Speaker 4

Dr. Ken Kunz

in Salon A - How to Survive a Career in the Fire Service and Live a Long and Healthy Life
Tuesday 7:15 am


Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

Frank Viscuso

Step up and Lead
Tuesday 9:00 am to Noon


Breakout Speakers

Speaker 1

Joy and Marty Playford

in Salon D - Leading with Time Mastery and Accountability
Tuesday 13:00

Speaker 2

Darrell Reid

in Zinfandel Room - Building Mental Health Resilience in the Shadow of the Opioid Crisis
Tuesday 13:00

Speaker 3

Tara Fraser

in Merlot Room - BC Hydro Substations
Tuesday 13:00

Speaker 4

Joe Acker, Neil Lilley, Blaine Wiggins

in Salon A - BCEHS Clinical Response Model
Tuesday 13:00


Speaker 5

Laura King

in Salon D - What the heck is community risk reduction and why it is important to my department?
Tuesday 14:45


Sunrise Speakers

Sunrise Speaker 5

Karen Fry

in Salon D - Tent Cities
Wednesday 7:15 am

Sunrise Speaker 6

Steve Robinson

in Zinfandel Room - Challenges with EIDA
Wednesday 7:15 am

Sunrise Speaker 7

Terrance Kosikar

in Salon A - Just Breathe
Wednesday 7:15 am

Sunrise Speaker 8

Brad Shauer

in Merlot Room - Enbridge Pipeline Preparedness and Response
Wednesday 7:15 am


Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

Frank Viscuso

Step up your teamwork
Wednesday 9:00 am to 10:30am


Breakout Speakers

Speaker 6


in Salon D - OFC / BC Wildfire / FCABC Panel Discussion
Wednesday 10:50am


Sunrise Speakers

Sunrise Speaker 9

Gord Ditchburn / Larry Watkinson

in Salon D - BC Fire Leadership Takeaways
Thursday 7:15 am

Sunrise Speaker 10

Trudi Rondou / John Hatch

in Zinfandel Room - BC First Responders Mental Health Committee
Thursday 7:15 am

Sunrise Speaker 11

Reid McIntyre

in Salon A - Workplace Bullying and Harassment
Thursday 7:15 am

Sunrise Speaker 12

Tom Barnes, Chief Executive Officer - MIABC
Sherman Chow, Director of Claims - MIABC

in Merlot Room - Top Ten Things to do after a fire
Thursday 7:15 am



Breakout Speakers

Speaker 7

Dr. Daisy Dulay
Randall Town
Laura Shaw

in Salon A - The AED Project
Thursday 8:30am

Speaker 8

Phil Eastwood MA CSP

in Salon D - Everyday Leadership In The Firehall
Thursday 8:30am


Speaker 9


in Salon D - Volunteer Micro Nuggets — #Adapting TEDx style
Thursday 10:40am

Speaker 10

Matt Pegg

in Salon A - "Toronto Strong" – The Toronto Fire Services response to the Yonge Street Van Attack and Danforth Shootings.
Thursday 10:40am


Speaker 11


in Salon D - Career Micro Nuggets — #Adapting TEDx style
Thursday 13:00

Speaker 12

Paul McCarthy

in Salon A - Fire Depts and Emergency Operations Centre Disconnects and Dynamics
Thursday 13:00


Speaker 13

Steve Farina

in Salon A - BC Fire Fighter Health and Safety Initiatives
Thursday 14:45

Speaker 14

Eric Kussin

in Salon D - We’re All A Little “Crazy,” The #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement
Thursday 14:45


  • BC Fire Expo

    Information for Trades Exhibitors can be viewed here
    BC Fire Expo opens at 11am Sunday until 7pm and 9am Monday until 3pm
    Sunday dinner as well as Lunch is provided both days to delegates.
    Meals are available for purchase to those firefighters just attending the Expo
  • Opening Ceremony and Banquet

    Opening Ceremonies are at 6pm on Monday June 3 at the Cleland Theatre next to the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre.
    The Annual Banquet will be at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre following the Opening ceremonies.
  • Conference Meals

    Banquet Dinner:

    Tuesday Lunch:

    Wednesday Lunch:

    Wednesday Theme Night:

    No Host Bars

    Thursday Lunch:

A list of registered delegates can be viewed here
Annual Reports can be viewed here
Resolutions can be viewed here

About us

Trades and Exhibitors

The BC Fire Expo is the largest exhibition of fire service equipment and services in the Pacific Northwest.
With an average of 125 inside booths and 30 outside displays, the BC Fire Expo attracts over 300 Chief Officers, Emergency Vehicle Technicians and firefighters from across B.C.
The event goes for 2 days starting Sunday at 11 am with the trade floor closing at 7 pm but the networking continues, to build those important relationships. It continues on Monday from 9 am to 3pm. There are a minimum of meetings scheduled during this period to maximize your "face time" with the attendees.
This is a unique opportunity to interact with departments of all sizes and compositions and some departments that are otherwise impossible to visit.
The BC Fire Expo is reasonably priced at only $945 per booth or outside space with one representative included in the price as well as coffee and meals. All 8' x 10' inside booths also include a table and 2 chairs and a fully carpeted floor as well as wireless internet inside - all included in this low price! If you are bringing more than one representative the extra registration of $126 also includes all meals and coffee breaks.

Future Locations

The Conference Committee has tentatively planned the following future dates and locations:

June 7-11, 2020   Vernon — Kal Tire Place/Vernon Lodge
June 6-10, 2021   Penticton — Penticton Trade and Convention Centre / Lakeside Hotel
June 5-9, 2022   Victoria — Save on Foods Memorial Centre / Delta Ocean Pointe Resort
June 4-8, 2023   Penticton — Penticton Trade and Convention Centre / Lakeside Hotel

Chief Officers and Delegates

The annual education conference provides many benefits to delegates, including administrative education, best practices for government and municipal operations, new technology, and the latest safety concerns for our citizens and our firefighters.
Classes offered during the education summit provide key information on leading your Fire Department into the future.  The Conference Committee and Education Committee choose an annual "theme", with the educational sessions providing delegates innovative tools to help improve your community's safety.  The BC Fire Expo provides access to the local trade vendors specifically focused on our fire and emergency industry. 
All delegates who have attended the annual FCABC educational conferences have stated there is great value in attending, as they return with a better understanding of how to effectively manage and lead their fire departments.

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Contact Us:

Conference Contractor Ric Raynor
157 Brears Road South
Quesnel, B.C.
V2J 4G3
Phone 250-747-4334 or
Cell 250-316-9511
email info(at)
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FCABC Administrator Christine McLenan
118 Ravine Drive (Basement)
Port Moody, BC V3H 4T2
1 604 492-3080
1 855 301-8508 (Fax)
1 604 369-3080 (Mobile)
email admin(at)
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